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24. May 2014

Starting work at Crazy Horse

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Phyllis and I had our first day at on the job for the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation on Thursday, May 22. Unfortunately as soon as we reported for work, we learned of the death the night before of a great human being who taught everyone to follow their dream, and the dream she shared with her husband was certainly big. Ruth Ziolkowski was CEO of Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation since  the death of her husband Kroczak in 1982.  She died of cancer at the age 87. Korczak   began construction of the Crazy Horse Memorial in 1948 when he was 40 years old. Design work had began earlier Korczak knew from the beginning he would not live to complete the work, but he and Ruth worked by faith in their dream. When completed, the Crazy Horse Memorial will be the largest mountain carving and largest memorial in the world. The head of Crazy Horse alone is larger than Mount Rushmore.
The Crazy Horse Foundation has turned down all government money and relies on contributions and admission fees to pay the mountain sized cost of this monumental project.
On the day we were trained, we were taken up to just in front of the face of Crazy Horse. Standing in from of a a stone face over 87 feet high is quite an experience.
The other picture is of the Crazy Horse Memorial from about a mile away in the fog.
I would encourage everyone to visit Crazy Horse in person. It is history in the making. Projects of large size take amounts of time that boggle the mind. This one is much larger.
If you cannot make it to South Dakota to see the monument in person. go to the web site and learn more:
You can also got to our web site page for Crazy Horse:
Phyllis and Larry on Crazy Horse Memorial

Phyllis and Larry on Crazy Horse Memorial

The face of Crazy Horse over 87 feet high.

The face of Crazy Horse over 87 feet high.




Crazy Horse Memorial in fog, about 1 mile away.

Crazy Horse Memorial in fog, about 1 mile away.

23. May 2014

Badlands May 2014

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Badlands National Park in May with Spring Rains offers many advantages. It  is not overly hot, and the recent rains bring out colors. The very best time to see Badlands National Park is when a Thunder Storm is approaching and just after a thunderstorm has passed when rainbows are out (after 4 PM or so or before 10 AM). Just after a good spring rain, like we did in early May, is the next best time. Our favorite parts are the Door Trail, where you go through a door into another world, and the Yellow Mounds (the picture with an RV, no it is not ours). There are many good surprises in the Badlands., our Badlands Web Section, will soon be updated with these new pictures.



Door into another World, Door Trail


Another Word – Door Trail


Another Word – Door Trail


Another Word – Door Trail



Yellow Mounds, often called Gold Hills


Big Badlands Overlook




Sage Creek Rim Road



Big Butte Overlook



Window on Old NE gravel road.

SD-BNP-W-Ewe1-2014-P1040416-sml SD-BNP-W-Ewe-2014-P1040444-sml

Back in the West

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Missouri River splitting South Dakota into East River and West River.

Missouri River splitting South Dakota into East River and West River.

We crossed the Missouri River in South Dakota in early May. In South Dakota this is the boundary between East and West. South Dakota residents refer to the parts of the state as East River and West River It feels good to be back in the West.

1. May 2014

Traveling Morgans May 2014

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We have had a couple of years of setbacks. We are attempting to get back to our preferred lifestyle. Most of the issues are medical and we think they have been addressed to a significant degree. We are going to workamp again and stay within what we can do.

Last winter was spent in Alabama and South Carolina. Next winter we hope to get back to Texas.

We will be at the Crazy Horse Monument in South Dakota for the summer and we are on our way.

I am back to working on the website. Arizona has reached a solid preview stage and is ready to begin conversion to a regular web site section.

In the meantime go to and see the pictures of Arizona.

Please tell us how you are doing and what is important in your life and where you are.
We personally reply to every personal message we receive.
We love to visit with people we have met over the years if they want to meet with us.
The wonderful thing that has happened in the last two years is the birth of a grandchild.
You can see pictures of Aiden (and this letter) at
We will add more as opportunity permits.

Aiden at 15 months.

Aiden at 15 months.












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