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17. October 2011

Vikings in Oklahoma before 1100AD?

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Heavener OK has a Runestone. It was apparently carved by Vikings hundreds of years before Columbus sailed. The interpretations vary. The date 11-Nov-1012 was an early interpretation. GLOMEDAL (Valley of Glome) is the more recently accepted interpretation, with an estimated carving date before 900AD. Other Runestones have been found in the area. A book called In Plain Site has other examples.

If you are in Eastern Oklahoma, stop in Heavener and see what may be the oldest carving in the United States that was not carved by a Native American.

Heavener OK Runestone

One of the best full hook up campsites we have stayed at is a National Forest Service Campground near Heavener OK at Cedar Lake.

Great Campsite


Flint Hills of Kansas and Unspoiled Prairie

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The Flint Hills of Kansas are beautiful and have the reputation of being the best preserved prairie in the United States.To my way of thinking, Custer State Park in South Dakota, with its herd of 1500 buffalo (bison) is a better example of preserved high prairie at this time.

Driving a 4WD through a herd is a unique experience, especially when your little dog starts barking at them from the “safety” of her car seat.

Bison Herd

Missouri River in the middle of South Dakota

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The Missouri River cuts South Dakota in two from North to South. South Dakotans refer to themselves as West River or East River. This is as good a definition of where the west begins as it gets. The climate gets drier after you cross the river going west.

 Missouri River in South Dakota

29. September 2011

The Door Trail, Badlands NP, SD

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When you go to the Badlands NP in SD, walk the DOOR trail (wheel chair accessible). When you go through the door, you will believe you have landed on another world.

 Badlands NP, SD, Door into another world -- the Door trail

27. September 2011

Black Hills to Heavener OK to San Antonio TX

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We are now leaving our beloved Black Hills. Great place for quality time. We will go to the Badlands, then head for eastern OK near Heavener. We will report on the not well know Heavener Stone and Winding Stair Mountain. Then to the San Antonio area about Oct 12.

7. September 2011

Second Picture Travel Trailer on its side wast of Winnemucca NV on I80

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Travel Trailer on its side wast of Winnemucca NV on I80

Leaving California and East to South Dakota Part 1

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We left Grass Valley CA on Labor Day. The climb up the Sierra Nevada with a transmission with temperature  was tough. We had to stop twice to let the tranny cool.

At exit 4 on I 80 in Nevada, we went to stop at Boomtown Casino. Since we wanted to put out our slides, the guard had us go to the KOA next door and park in row H. The services were turned off, the site was short, but the price was free. There were good places to walk the dogs.

On Tuesday November 6 we saw a travel trailer overturned on east bound I80 east of Winamucca NV. Traffic stopped and held us up along with many others. He should have had a Hensley Arrow.

We drove on to Elko NV and stayed at Walmart.

Travel Trailer on its side wast of Winnemucca NV on I80

27. August 2011

Email sent to Traveling Morgans Mailing List:– Traveling Morgans End of Summer and Fall Travel Plans

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Our summer in the California Gold Country has been in a remote area.

Getting out to see things has been harder than usual.

We got to Lake Tahoe and Donner Summit, plus various other sites in
the Gold Country, and the California Railroad Museum in Sacramento.

On our way here, we got to Meteor Crater AZ, Sequoia National Park,
and Yosemite National Park.

It will take some time to get these pictures and movies organized,
then selected for Web Pages.

We are planning to leave Sept 6.

Our plan is to head east on I-80 to Cheyenne Wyoming, then detour to
the Black Hills and take care of some personal business.

From South Dakota, we will head for  Schirtz TX, just north of San

We will be working in the activities department of Stone Creek

Since the resort does not offer enough hours for pay to meet our
needs, we will need to work other jobs.

Due to the number of hours Phyllis and I have had to work to make
ends meet, our real reason for traveling — to see and report the
natural and scenic wonders of this great country — has been running
behind. Also running behind has been the web site itself. I now have
3 winters and 2 summers worth of material that has not yet made it
to the web site.

This is besides material from travels before we became workampers.

Again, the primary cause has been the amount of time we have to
spend working for pay and the amount of time we have to spend trying
to find jobs.

To attempt to at least partially solve this problem, we have entered
into an associate program with

We have been pleased with how Amazon has handled customer service
issues for us in the last 6 years, and they now have a wide variety
of products at good prices.

Amazon also allows us only to advertize particular products we do
believe in and to have complete control over all advertising on our

The way it works is this: You go to
and click on any of our links to AMAZON. You may be purchasing one
of our RECOMMENDED items, or you may be purchasing any other item.
Most of the items on the AMAZON web site will earn us a small
advertising commission.

If you were going to purchase on AMAZON anyway, this is a free way
to help support TRAVELINGMORGANS.COM and help us to bring
you information about the natural scenic wonders of the 48

To just use us as a portal products you know you want to buy on
Amazon go to
and scroll down to the bottom of that main page. Click on the word
AMAZON and make your purchases. We will receive a small percentage
of most of the purchases as an advertising fee.

To see products we recommend, go to
(or you can use the RECOMMENDED button on any of our pages).

The recommendations will be increasing. We only recommend products
we use and believe in.

In the case of some electronics, the exact product we use is no
longer available and so we recommend the product we would buy if our
electronics were to die tomorrow.

We also specify the product we actually use.

Besides the great changes in RECOMMENDED, we have also finally
finished  our 2010 page.

We also have a lot of information on 2011

Our section on SOUTH DAKOTA, especially the very thorough part on
the Black Hills, is now complete.


We have added a page with RV LINKS

We have begun a section on California, but it is still very rough
and will not be fully available for some time.
now has over 100 pages and thousands of pictures, all taken from our
personal visits.

None of the natural scenic wonder pages have any advertising at all.

Only the single link on the home page, and pages in our RECOMMENDED
section and our RV LINKS page have any advertising at all, and most
of the RECOMMENDATIONS are not ones where we receive any financial
compensation. They are just restaurants with good food, good service
and (usually) reasonable prices; campgrounds were you get good
value, and places that provide some sort of service that delivered
good value. Anything providing any monetary compensation is clearly

I do not intend to talk about the cost of running this web site

I really dislike talking about finances.

But since we have changed our policy from NO ADVERTISING to LIMITED
ADVERTISING, we wanted to advise our friends.

Does it happen that you will be somewhere along our fall travel path
that we mentioned above?

Or anywhere close to that?

We do go out of our way to meet friends. Look at our 2010 page for
an example.

2. June 2011

Summary of Recent Tweets

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Larry Morgan

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Larry Morgan

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Larry Morgan


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Larry Morgan

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Leo Laporte

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Larry Morgan

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Larry Morgan

4. May 2011

You Bet Road

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You Bet Road is miles of mountain curves with no straight sections. Curving grades up and down for miles and the only way to supplies.
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