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21. June 2013

1984 revisited

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An NSA agent walks into hie neighborhood bar. The bartender says “I have a joke for you.” The NSA agent says “I know. I heard it already.”

What the NSA is doing may not seam that funny to most Americans. Gathering a complete list of who is telephoning whom, copies of all credit card transactions, copies of all emails, and all data going into and out of FaceBook, Google, Yahoo, Verizon and others.

I know we need to fight terrorism, but I think the nation needs to decide how much privacy is given up rather than have it decided for us by people who lie to their congressional oversight committees about what information they are gathering.

If you are concerned about this, hear are a couple of places to learn more. I intend to send this to my members of Congress and suggest they consider it.

There are two concise resources worth your time.
Steve Gibson with Leo LaPorte in audio, video and text transcript with the factual and technical info

plus Dan Carlin’s audio commentary with the philosophy—The-Big-Long-Surveillance-Show/N.S.A.-security-spying

No wonder copies of 1984 are hard to keep in stock.

14. June 2013

Delayed Update

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“Honey, do you remember the name of those workampers we used to know that traveled around the country? Was it Traveling something?”
“Yes, the Traveling Morgans. We haven’t heard from them for awhile. I wonder what happened to them.”

Sometimes life is not a fairy-tale and tough situations sometimes arise.

Phyllis has been undergoing treatments on her back. It had been getting worse for years, and some falls made working not feasible. The good news was she did not need surgery.
The other problem was the bursa in her leg, and that has been cleared up. She can walk without a came, but cannot remain on her feet for long. The latest treatments appear to have been successful and Phyllis is gradually getting a little stronger.

There are other problems for both of us, but no other problems that will stop us from working and traveling.

We currently plan to remain in Indianapolis until Labor Day, and then hit the road.
This will conclude our doctors visits and allow us to get our truck and trailer back into shape for traveling. If you are in Indy and would like to get together with us ,now reply to this email. Phyllis is now strong enough to meet with friends.

We are considering heading east and exploring the Blue Ridge Parkway before spending the winter somewhere in the southeast..

We have enjoyed the time with our new grandson and the rest of our family (see for pictures), but “hitch-itch” is coming on strong We also do not really want to spend another winter in Indiana.

Many things have had higher priorities, but Larry has made some progress with the web site,

The 6 page Texas Coastal Bend section is now ready.
The Unique Aransas National Wildlife Refuge:

Great Boat Tours of ANWR:

Mustang Island and Port Aransas:

Magnificent Padre Island National Seashore

Corpus Christi

For those who have tried to help us pay for the web site by using our links to Amazon, you can now go straight to Amazon with this:
One of our pages will appear for a few seconds and you will then be redirected to Amazon.

We are making other changes to our Amazon links. Maintaining a product description and a direct link was labor intensive and error prone. You will find some new Amazon pages with skeletal offerings now. These will be expanded. Suggestions are appreciated.

Please let us know what is up with your lives and what the chances are of getting together with you as we travel. As some of you know, we go out of our way to meet with friends.

Larry and Phyllis
Roscoe and Harpo

Phyllis Birthday in Late May with Family

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Aiden was not really visible in the group shot with Larry, Paul, Mel, Felicity, and Phyllis.

We added a couple to highlight Aiden.

2013-0530-FAM-Phyllis-Bday-P1020669 2013-0530-Fam-Felicity-Aiden-Phyllis-Bday-P1020664 2013-0530-Fam-Felicity-Aiden-Phyllis-Bday-P1020666

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