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29. November 2009

Traveling Morgans in Donna TX, and Web Site Updated.

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We hope you had a Great Thanksgiving!

We recently had to rebuild our address book,  You may be getting an email for the first time in sometime. If you receive a duplicate message, reply to the one you want removed and it will be removed. If you do not want to receive our messages, reply with instructions and we will follow them.

If you are one of those who has not received emails from us for awhile, we should tell you we are near the toe of Texas at Donna, just north of the Rio Grande and about an hour from South Padre Island.

Larry has been rebuilding the web site. You can see why at our site news page
( The new drop down menu system makes navigation very easy. If you are still using an older browser (such as IE6), the menus will not drop down, but the navigation buttons will take you to an appropriate section of our site map.

Please remember to click on any picture or map to see a larger version.

Our recommendations pages are now in pretty good order. You can select the ones you want to see from our site map at

Our 2008 Travels page was never completed in the old format. It is now on line in the new format at

The 2009 Travels Page is nearly finished. There are a lot more pictures to add, but the comments are up to date at

One of the highlights of 2009 was the Texas Skimmer boat out of Rockport TX.  We saw about a quarter of the whooping cranes currently alive, plus many other birding highlights and had dolphins swimming in our wake.

Scott’s Bluff NE and Custer State Park SD are well worth a few days of anyone’s time.

Yellowstone was fabulous. Everyone should have a chance to spend several weeks there. Since it takes a long time to select and prepare the relative handful of pictures we post out of the thousands we have taken, it will be months before the YELLOWSTONE pages include our recent trip. The other locations mentioned will have their own pages also, but they are not up yet.

We also had wonderful times visiting with friends, even more than we list on the web pages.

There will be pictures added a little at a time, and the 2009 page will change a little almost every day. Some other pages will change also.

We will only send out a notification when a page or section is completed.

We had some hard times this year also. We had a good job go bad. Roscoe (miniature Schnauzer) had to have a second surgery for bladder stones. Our new trailer lost a wheel bearing while we were on our way to Yellowstone. There were others. We mention these only to provider perspective. It has been a wonderful year and we remain flexible and resilient.

We would sure like to hear from  you.

Thank you, and an early Merry Christmas.

16. June 2009

Leaving San Marcos TX, going to Indianapolis, then on to Yellowstone

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Hello and belated greetings.

Larry has been negligent in keeping everyone updated on the Traveling Morgans, and there have been no significant web page updates.

Here is what is happening for the Traveling Morgans.

First we have a new travel trailer. We have been making it into something that works for us — customizing our new home, as it were. [post links to pictures here].

While we were customizing the trailer and shaking out the bugs any new unit has, we had planned staying in San Marcos Texas. This would have also allowed us to get on social security (2010  for Larry, soon for Phyllis), but it was not to be                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    .

As to why we left San Marcos, the crux of the matter is the hours Larry was expected to work increased and Larry found he could not work them. When attempts to work things out were unsuccessful, the Traveling Morgans had to travel.

We were on our way to visit our children in Indianapolis, and calling to check on jobs, when we got an offer from West Yellowstone Montana and accepted it. We are due in West Yellowstone by the fourth of July. We will leave Indianapolis about June 24 and head for Yellowstone. Instead of July and August in Texas heat, we will be exploring the wonders of Yellowstone with its cool summers.

While we were in Texas, the most amazing thing we did this time was to take a skimmer boat trip out of Rockport TX to view the bird nesting areas of the Texas Gulf Coast. We saw more than 20 whooping cranes (largest and nearly the rarest of North American birds) and had dolphins swim with the boat.

For those interested in the technical information, here is what is keeping us from updating the web pages for now:

Larry found the software he was using to build the TravelingMorgans.Com web site was causing some problems. The html code it produced was bad and hard for browsers to load unless you had a high speed line. The “application builder”  html also causes Google to rank the pages very low. Larry is now learning HTML and related items from the ground up, and will then get some test pages up this summer.

We have seen some new things (like the Rockport boat trip) , and discovered other things we should post. New content will be coming. Old content will be converted.

Larry also reached the breaking point with Microsoft’s security issues and decided to migrate to Linux. He is learning a lot of new software. The changes to the web site encouraged this change. As long as Larry needs to learn new web development software, why not something free he can use for a long time in a free operating system?

10. May 2009

Traveling Morgans Blog to Complement Web Site

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The website has thousands of pictures and some in depth treatment of issues.

This blog will begin to compliment this as a change to put preliminary information in place quickly.

When we travel, Larry will update the blog.

That being said, The Traveling Morgans are staying in one place for the longest time ever. We are in San Marcos Texas until May of 2010,

Many projects are coming together requiring a lot of time.

We are migrating from Windows XP to Ubuntu Linux.
We are getting new tools for writing web sites and getting familiar with them
We are still “working our way” and will be back to “working our way around the country” in 2010.
We have purchased a new RV and are working out the bugs.
We are getting all of our old photographs digitized and organize. Some of these will eventually be on the Web Page.

We still need to organize our Arizona and South Dakota web pages from our 2005-2006 time.
New experiences — primarily in Texas — need to be added.

We are going to get our recommendations page in a usable order.

The Traveling Morgans are still following our dream of seeing the natural wonders of this great country.
We want to share this will many others and encourage them to follow THEIR dream. If it is the same as ours, that is great, but it is also great to see people following whatever noncompetitive dream they have.

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