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10. November 2010

2010 November 09

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2010-11-09 Traveling Morgans Newsletter

The Traveling Morgans have arrived in Rockport TX and will start their winter job Monday, Nov. 15, 2010.

Larry has been diagnosed with a partially torn rotator cuff on his left shoulder. He has had a round of physical therapy. He will continue his exercises and consult a doctor in the Rockport area if necessary.

Our time in the Black Hills brought us to some interesting sites, and a visit from our daughters. The beauty of the Black Hills is STUNNING.

On Labor Day Monday, we went with our daughters to the “under construction” Crazy Horse Monument. For anyone who does not know, Crazy Horse already dwarfs Mount Rushmore. It is a multi-generation effort, with over 60 years of dynamite mountain sculpting and perhaps as many to go.

This particular night was one of the two “night blasts” of the year. It was something that will always stay with us.

You can see the amazing video at

On the way south, we went to Lawton Oklahoma to visit a former workamper friend who has recently married. We parked in their backyard. You might call it a tight fit. Pictures will be on the 2010 travel pages within the next few weeks.

Larry has been working on with most of the time going to South Dakota.

These pages have now been removed from the “under construction” and are now in very good shape:

These will be updated as needed, of course, but are now well work seeing.

The folowing pages are “under construction” and should be finished up by Christmas:

We currently plan to go to the Tennessee – North Carolina border to work next summer.

Tell us about events in your life and your plans for the coming year.

1. October 2010

The Traveling Morgans are On The Road Again Fall 2010

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We have finished our season in The Black Hills and are heading south.
Our first night is in Cheyenne WY at a Flying J.
We will see how well this works. It is a little noisy.

We plan to head south on I-25, stop in areas that look interesting and at some point turn east to San Marcos TX (scheduled to arrive Oct 11), and then on to Rockport TX.

Our most likely places to stop are Rocky Mountain National Park at Carlsbad Caverns. Nothing is written in stone. No place is certain to be on our agenda, and nothing close to a reasonable route is written off.

Let us know if we might possibly be intersecting your route or location.
We will meet with you if it is feasible.

Larry has done a lot with the South Dakota pages of the web site, but there is a lot more to do. We saw a lot and took a lot of pictures. He will send out a notice when the SD pages are finished.

In the meantime, you may want to look at these 3 pages that are pretty well finalized.
This includes a NIGHT BLAST VIDEO. Very interesting.
The original Highway to the West was the Missouri River.
The Wildlife Loop of Custer State Park is amazing!

Please write and let us know what you are doing.

12. September 2010

End of Summer

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Wow! The summer of 2010 is now history. The Traveling Morgans are getting their plans together for our trip south. We plan to head from the Black Hills of SD to Cheyenne WY, Rocky Mountain NP in CO and south to northern NM, then through the Texas Hill Country to San Marcos TX, and on to our winter job in Rockport TX.

Please let us know if you are anywhere near where we are traveling and if you would like to meet with us. We are ALWAYS glad to stop and visit with friends — even friends we are meeting for the first time.

We have enjoyed our time in the Black Hills. We have seen even more wildlife than in our previous visits. These pictures are being prepared for our web site and will be posted soon.

Of all the amazing things we have seen, and there were many, the night blast at Crazy Horse Memorial was possibly the best. Larry succeeded in recording a good video. You can see it at our web site

Many things have been updated on the web site

One is the section on the Missouri River in SD.

We have recommendations for visiting South Dakota and the Black Hills in particular. and

15. March 2010

The Traveling Morgans prepare to head north for the summer

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It has been a few months since we have written to all of the friends we have made on the road.

This note will give website information and our 2010 travel plans.

First the web site:

Larry has finally finished the 2009 Travels Overview on specifically .
He also has 2010 started at

If you have a FACEBOOK page or a BLOG or participate in any other Social Networking site or forum, please consider putting any of the above links (or any other Traveling Morgans links) on any of those provided they are within all appropriate guidelines.

There is a lot more work to be done to the web site.
The Yellowstone and Texas sections are due for a major revision after our 2009 travels.

South Dakota and Arizona will be major additions.
Nebraska, Wyoming, and Idaho are also due to be added, with a revision for Montana.

We also will continue to add RECOMMENDATIONS for each state.

If you have any suggestion for the site, please let us know.

Now to our travel plans:

We have spent the winter working at Victoria Palms RV Resort in Donna TX.
If your main interest is activities in the park itself and you don’t mind being near a road, it is a pretty good to good place to be, depending on your site.

We will be leaving March 31 and heading to The Black Hills of South Dakota, where we be working at Beaver Lake Campground near Custer.

Our planned stops include a week at San Marcos TX for medical appointments and visiting friends, and Canyon TX (just south of Amarillo) where we will visit the renowned Palo Duro Canyon.

From there we will head north through the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles, eastern Colorado, western Nebraska and South Dakota’s Black Hills.

Let us know if our paths might cross. We will try to meet.

Please write and let us know what you are up to this summer and what you have done this winter.
Go to our CONTACT US page at

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