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21. June 2013

1984 revisited

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An NSA agent walks into hie neighborhood bar. The bartender says “I have a joke for you.” The NSA agent says “I know. I heard it already.”

What the NSA is doing may not seam that funny to most Americans. Gathering a complete list of who is telephoning whom, copies of all credit card transactions, copies of all emails, and all data going into and out of FaceBook, Google, Yahoo, Verizon and others.

I know we need to fight terrorism, but I think the nation needs to decide how much privacy is given up rather than have it decided for us by people who lie to their congressional oversight committees about what information they are gathering.

If you are concerned about this, hear are a couple of places to learn more. I intend to send this to my members of Congress and suggest they consider it.

There are two concise resources worth your time.
Steve Gibson with Leo LaPorte in audio, video and text transcript with the factual and technical info

plus Dan Carlin’s audio commentary with the philosophy—The-Big-Long-Surveillance-Show/N.S.A.-security-spying

No wonder copies of 1984 are hard to keep in stock.

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