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13. July 2019

Update on Phyllis

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I thought I should update all of our friends and other interested people on Phyllis’ health situation.

We came of the road because Phyllis was having health issues. First was degenerative disc disease and a hip bursa issue. Later she developed heart issues with a left electrical bundle branch and heart arrhythmia. In recent months we noticed she was short of breath when climbing our stairs. It turns out there is scarring in her lungs (fibrosis) and some nodules. The nodules have been tested via a PET scan and are not believed to be malignant. The are possible liver concerns also, but we do not have the results.

Phyllis is now on oxygen. We are continuing to make things work the best we can. It is my honor to be her caregiver after a lifetime of her being mine.

I saw this coming and worked to get myself in shape for this challenge. I am nearly 40 pounds lighter than any of you will remember from our time on the road. I lift weights weekly at a nearby gym, and take an hour twice a week to ride a bicycle at high speed and high heart rate for aerobic activity. My blood pressure and other issues have improved considerably.

Harpo is doing quite well as she is now 16. You won’t believe the paper work at the DMV required for a 16 year old poodle.

Phyllis would be pleased if some of her old friends would contact her. If you would like her personal email addresss, please contact me by replying to this email or through the CONTACT US page on our web site ( If you do not still have her phone number, I can share that also.

I must apologize to those who have tried to communicate the news about their life through Facebook. Phyllis never trusted or used Facebook, and I am rarely on Facebook anymore for many reasons. I would like to hear from you though.

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