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17. September 2013

Traveling Morgans 2013 September

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Normally we like to send information about our travels to all of our friends and acquaintances before we start a major journey. Occasionally someone replies back and says they would like to meet with us at some point on our journey. We love to meet with friends we have made on the road and with friends from our past and with others who share our love for the beauty of this wonderful country.

This time, we almost slipped out of town unannounced. We are trying to give Phyllis a chance to get fully back on her feet and our method of travel has changed to allow some recovery time for both of us.

We are getting back to working. Wales West in Silverhill AL has work Phyllis can do without stressing her back. The job sounds interesting and gives us the opportunity to make friends with other workampers. We should start work Oct 1.

Part of the delay in writing was Larry trying to get TravelingMorgans.Com up to standards before communicating.
Web sites take time. Every picture on the site represents about an hour of work in selecting and processing. We have so many unshared pictures that we wanted to come up with something better. The web site has a new tab for PREVIEWS. The PREVIEWS are pictures from areas we either have never put up before or places that were designed in a tool that is now out of date and therefore cannot be maintained properly. YELLOWSTONE is an example. We now have a lot of new pictures and MOVIES in the YELLOWSTONE II PREVEIW.
We had never placed our Arizona pictures on the website, but there is now a PREVIEW.

Our travels have taken us through Michigan, including marvelous Pictured Rock National Lakeshore, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. In some cases there are a lot of pictures. Others have only a few. In all cases there are more pictures to add. These PREVIEWS will later be expanded into one or more full fledged web pages.

Since we are adding pictures to the previews on a near daily basis, we will help our visitors find the lastest changes by using GREEN menu entries for pages recently changed. We will attempt to keep this rolling and remove the green when a page has not been updated for awhile.

We will continue to mark major upgrades on the front page, including when a a PREVIEW page is upgraded to a production page or whole section.

Another major change has been to make the web site compatible with tablets, since more and more RV travelers are moving away from computers to tablet and smart phone. Photography rich sites like TravelingMorgans.Com may never work with a standard sized cell phone, but they can work well with tablets 7-inch or larger. If you have a suggestion or just want to say the site does not work well on your device, drop a line to

On this topic of making the web site viewable by more, we have also worked to have TravelingMorgans.Com work well with current versions of FireFox, Chrome (and its open source sibling Chromium) and Internet Explorer. We do not have access to a Macintosh and so have not tested Safari. We know there is Safari for Windows but we do not know why it would be chosen. If you have a good reason for Safari on Windows, let us know so we can begin testing.

We have been testing Opera, but find many things appear to work differently and it may be hard to make TravelingMorgans.Com work well with Opera. Are you using Opera? Let us know. It will affect prioitization. It is hard to spend time getting Opera to work if nobody is using it to view TravelingMorgans.Com.

We would also like to hear about the browser you use and why. Again, it will help us prioritize.

We are starting to sell ads on TravelingMorgans.Com, but only to businesses we can recommend because the have done well by us in the past. We will limit ads to one per page and our rates are reasonable.

If you are passing near Mobile AL between Oct 1 and March 15, please let us know. Perhaps we can get together.

We would like to send personal emails to everyone, but this general email will have to suffice. However, we always answer each email we receive.
We would like to hear what YOU are up to and what YOU are doing. We WILL respond!

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