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22. April 2012

April 2012 update for the Traveling Morgans

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This is normally the time we send out a newsletter with our travel plans for the spring and information about a summer job.
This year we plan to stay put for the summer in Texas.
Spring  has been a busy time for the Traveling Morgans.
We have been getting our truck and trailer refurbished and making plans.

We are currently working in the Texas Hill Country at the Jellystone on Canyon Lake.
It could be hot this summer for folks like us that are used to summers in the Yellowstone area or working in mountains.

We also are finding ourselves in the position of possibly being able to travel without working our way around the country once this commitment ends

We are going to try to make ends meet with the income coming in from retirement and perhaps a little from our web site.

Some of our contacts and friends have asked how they can help us.
We don’t want gifts, but we have something that may interest some of you.

We have become an Amazon Affiliate.
We have been pleased at how well Amazon has treated us as customers — all disputes have been resolved quickly.
Generally the prices are quite competitive — in fact they are often the best around.
With Amazon we can make recommendations of particular products and help others with our experience. We like that.

If you go to our web site, you will still find hundreds of pages and thousands of pictures from our travels. The site keeps growing that way.
You will also see an AMAZON AFFILIATE button on our drop-down menus.
Place your mouse over AMAZON AFFILIATE and the menu drops down.
You will see ENTER AMAZON PORTAL NOW, plus AMAZON OVERVIEW (where we discuss our affiliation and provide details and categories for Amazon products where we have recommendations.

IF and ONLY IF you are interested, use this way to place orders with Amazon. We will collect a small finders fee. Prices will not increase or we would not be affiliates.

Except for how you get to Amazon, nothing changes for you.

We have product recommendations aimed at RVers and we want to help people to learn what we learned. We would rather you buy them through our site, of course, but we would rather you get them some other way if you find a better price or for any other reason you have.

The recommendations will expand, and we will not talk about them much in newsletters.

Now for those who want to know, here is what has changed on the web site in late 2011 and 2012

The Amazon Overview

There are some GREAT pictures that have been added:
California Overview
Yosemite with MOVIES
Sequoia and Kings Canyon
2010 Travels          
2011 Travels (not finished)

Black Hills of South Dakota with links to MANY things in that area, such as Crazy Horse (great video), Custer State Park, Mount Rushmore
and that wonderful Iron Mountain Road

We will try to send out letters once a month, just to stay in touch.
Once October comes, our adventures will increase even more.

We relish seeing the natural scenic wonders of our country.
We relish meeting with friends even more, and have passed up wonders to meet with friends.

Please let us know what is going on in your life.
We would love to make plans to meet up with you as we travel.

--   Larry of The Traveling Morgans Phyllis, Larry, with dogs Roscoe, Harpo

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