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6. March 2015

Traveling Morgans Getting Ready for Spring Travels

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Yellow Mounds area of Badlands NP in SD

Yellow Mounds area of Badlands NP in SD

The above picture was from last spring on our way to Crazy Horse.

Our time in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas is coming to a close.
We have found a nice little hide-a-away campground with just 15 sites in the quaint little town of Wimberley.

We have had a very wet winter, and the gorgeous Spring roadside wildflowers that make the Hill Country famous should be unbelievable this year. We may or may not get a chance to see them. We will be leaving earlier than usual since our summer job starts April 15, and we want some time with our daughter and grandson whom are on our way.

We will be working in Indiana for the first time since we hit the road 10 years ago. We will be at Oak Lake campground just south of the town of Roselawn near I-65 between Merrillville and Lafayette.

Phyllis is still having trouble with her back and cannot walk much. We had hoped a new medication would make things better, but it is not enough. Again we have found a job that will let her work mostly from a sitting position and owners that will work with us. It will also be our first summer working in a destination campground, where families come to spend time in the campground and campground activities are a major part of the attraction. We are looking forward to it.

For those who are interested, here are the major changes to our web site:

Main Page:

Where we worked last summer, the fabulous Crazy Horse Memorial:

Badlands National Park

South Dakota Recommendations

Black Hills Overview

Probably the best state park in the country, Custer Sate Park

One of the great things about Custer State Park is the wildlife:

South Dakota overview

New page covering Mitchell


For those who want to support our web site,
Please consider placing your Amazon orders using this link
(actually will also work).

Either will take you DIRECTLY to Amazon.
We will get a small “finder’s fee”, which is used to pay the bills for the web site.
The amount you pay will be exactly the same as going to the AMAZON web site.
We are currently not getting enough to pay for the site but every bit helps.

We also have recommendations for products on amazon.
You can get to those with

Current travel plans are to head from San Marcos area to Texarkana, then up I-30 to Memphis, then up I-55 to I-57 to I-70 and Indianapolis for a visit with family, then up I-65 to our summer job.

We look forward to meeting some friend on the way. If you would like to meet with us, let us know. Use the CONTACT US page.

Also let us know what you are up to this summer. Again use the CONTACT US PAGE.

Larry of The Traveling Morgans
Phyllis, Larry, with dogs Roscoe, Harpo

24. November 2014

Traveling Morgans November 2014

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Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

We made it to our winter home for this year in Wimberley TX. The trip was a little more interesting than we would like. We went from the Black Hills of South Dakota to Indianapolis to visit with family, including our only grand child.

From Indianapolis, we battled cold weather, illness, dog illness, a broken wheel, a blown tire, a gray water line leak, and having our “basement” underneath lining let go. We made it a “get there” trip and drop seeing the things we wanted to visit, but we made it! Hopefully our spring trip will be interesting for the things we see and not the problems we overcome.

Larry will now get busy looking for a job (preferably online) and we will work on finding healing for Phyllis and our Schnauzer Roscoe.

Larry will also try to get the amazing pictures and movies from the Black Hills onto the web site.

If you are in Texas and want to visit, get in touch!

We also want to hear what is going on with you.

18. October 2014

Traveling Morgans Leave the Black Hills

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Greetings from Sidney NE!

We have just left Crazy Horse and the Black Hills of SD. It was a busy summer, so busy Larry had little time to work on the web site or to write newsletters.
He will get it back on track over the winter. We visited a lot of fantastic places in the Black Hills and have some outstanding pictures.
We will alert you when the web site is updated with these pictures. Crazy Horse is a fantastic place to see and we have the pictures to prove it.

We want to thank everyone who had been making Amazon purchases through our web site to help pay the costs of the site.
The Amazon Affiliate tab will take you there quickly, or you can select our product reviews.
Larry will work on a still easier way.
We want to take you straight to Amazon, but Larry is still working on it.

Larry is also working on a way for recommended businesses to be able to sponsor a page.

We are heading south to I-70, then east to Indianapolis to visit family, from there it is southwest to Texas.
We are planning to winter in Wimberly Texas, close to San Marcos, about half way between Austin and San Antonio.
Phyllis will not be working this winter, concentrating on getting her hip bursa to heal. Larry will look for online work or post secondary education.

Let us know if you would want to meet with us as we travel, in Indy, or near San Marcos Texas.

9. June 2014

Party with the Animals

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Phyllis and I have had more fun observing wild animals this spring in South Dakota.

We have several movies, but I cannot get them into a blog, so I will have to add a regular web page for them

In Badlands National Park, we found Mountain Sheep (Bighorn) right by the road.


Two Ewes in Badlands National Park

Two Ewes in Badlands National Park

What are EWE doing here?

What are EWE doing here?

Next was Custer State Park in the Black Hills of South Dakota, where they were out in force.

Bison Migrating

Bison Migrating

Bison Calves

Bison Calves


Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dogs


Begging Burros

Begging Burros

Begging Burros

Begging Burros


Pronghorns in Prairie Dog Town

Pronghorns in Prairie Dog Town




Pronghorn Juveniles

Pronghorn Juveniles





The bright Mountain Bluebird is found through the Black Hills.

Mountain Bluebird

Mountain Bluebird


Crazy Horse

On our way up to the arm of the Crazy Horse Monument, we caught this sight:


Mtn Goat Billy

Mtn Goat Nanny

Mtn Goat Nanny

24. May 2014

Starting work at Crazy Horse

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Phyllis and I had our first day at on the job for the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation on Thursday, May 22. Unfortunately as soon as we reported for work, we learned of the death the night before of a great human being who taught everyone to follow their dream, and the dream she shared with her husband was certainly big. Ruth Ziolkowski was CEO of Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation since  the death of her husband Kroczak in 1982.  She died of cancer at the age 87. Korczak   began construction of the Crazy Horse Memorial in 1948 when he was 40 years old. Design work had began earlier Korczak knew from the beginning he would not live to complete the work, but he and Ruth worked by faith in their dream. When completed, the Crazy Horse Memorial will be the largest mountain carving and largest memorial in the world. The head of Crazy Horse alone is larger than Mount Rushmore.
The Crazy Horse Foundation has turned down all government money and relies on contributions and admission fees to pay the mountain sized cost of this monumental project.
On the day we were trained, we were taken up to just in front of the face of Crazy Horse. Standing in from of a a stone face over 87 feet high is quite an experience.
The other picture is of the Crazy Horse Memorial from about a mile away in the fog.
I would encourage everyone to visit Crazy Horse in person. It is history in the making. Projects of large size take amounts of time that boggle the mind. This one is much larger.
If you cannot make it to South Dakota to see the monument in person. go to the web site and learn more:
You can also got to our web site page for Crazy Horse:
Phyllis and Larry on Crazy Horse Memorial

Phyllis and Larry on Crazy Horse Memorial

The face of Crazy Horse over 87 feet high.

The face of Crazy Horse over 87 feet high.




Crazy Horse Memorial in fog, about 1 mile away.

Crazy Horse Memorial in fog, about 1 mile away.

23. May 2014

Badlands May 2014

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Badlands National Park in May with Spring Rains offers many advantages. It  is not overly hot, and the recent rains bring out colors. The very best time to see Badlands National Park is when a Thunder Storm is approaching and just after a thunderstorm has passed when rainbows are out (after 4 PM or so or before 10 AM). Just after a good spring rain, like we did in early May, is the next best time. Our favorite parts are the Door Trail, where you go through a door into another world, and the Yellow Mounds (the picture with an RV, no it is not ours). There are many good surprises in the Badlands., our Badlands Web Section, will soon be updated with these new pictures.



Door into another World, Door Trail


Another Word – Door Trail


Another Word – Door Trail


Another Word – Door Trail



Yellow Mounds, often called Gold Hills


Big Badlands Overlook




Sage Creek Rim Road



Big Butte Overlook



Window on Old NE gravel road.

SD-BNP-W-Ewe1-2014-P1040416-sml SD-BNP-W-Ewe-2014-P1040444-sml

Back in the West

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Missouri River splitting South Dakota into East River and West River.

Missouri River splitting South Dakota into East River and West River.

We crossed the Missouri River in South Dakota in early May. In South Dakota this is the boundary between East and West. South Dakota residents refer to the parts of the state as East River and West River It feels good to be back in the West.

1. May 2014

Traveling Morgans May 2014

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We have had a couple of years of setbacks. We are attempting to get back to our preferred lifestyle. Most of the issues are medical and we think they have been addressed to a significant degree. We are going to workamp again and stay within what we can do.

Last winter was spent in Alabama and South Carolina. Next winter we hope to get back to Texas.

We will be at the Crazy Horse Monument in South Dakota for the summer and we are on our way.

I am back to working on the website. Arizona has reached a solid preview stage and is ready to begin conversion to a regular web site section.

In the meantime go to and see the pictures of Arizona.

Please tell us how you are doing and what is important in your life and where you are.
We personally reply to every personal message we receive.
We love to visit with people we have met over the years if they want to meet with us.
The wonderful thing that has happened in the last two years is the birth of a grandchild.
You can see pictures of Aiden (and this letter) at
We will add more as opportunity permits.

Aiden at 15 months.

Aiden at 15 months.












29. November 2013

TravelingMorgans November 2013

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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

We trust your time with family and/or friends was good.
Phyllis and Larry are working at Wales West Light Railway and our Christmas display is now up and ready.
Larry’s latest task was to get Peace On Earth to work.
See photo
We took this position to work with children and trains. We hope this happens over the Christmas season.
We had Thanksgiving dinner with the workers and campers at the RV park.
We are thankful that our summer job is lined up.
We will be working at the Crazy Horse Monument in the Black Hills.
We hope to see some of you there.
Crazy Horse is history in the making — the biggest monument in the history of the world!
Speaking of, Larry has completed the upgrade of the TEXAS section.
You can now go to and select any of the 18 pages of Texas information and pictures.
We are working to incorporate the web site. Once this is done we will begin to build the brand and allow recommended business to sponsor a page.

17. September 2013

Traveling Morgans 2013 September

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Normally we like to send information about our travels to all of our friends and acquaintances before we start a major journey. Occasionally someone replies back and says they would like to meet with us at some point on our journey. We love to meet with friends we have made on the road and with friends from our past and with others who share our love for the beauty of this wonderful country.

This time, we almost slipped out of town unannounced. We are trying to give Phyllis a chance to get fully back on her feet and our method of travel has changed to allow some recovery time for both of us.

We are getting back to working. Wales West in Silverhill AL has work Phyllis can do without stressing her back. The job sounds interesting and gives us the opportunity to make friends with other workampers. We should start work Oct 1.

Part of the delay in writing was Larry trying to get TravelingMorgans.Com up to standards before communicating.
Web sites take time. Every picture on the site represents about an hour of work in selecting and processing. We have so many unshared pictures that we wanted to come up with something better. The web site has a new tab for PREVIEWS. The PREVIEWS are pictures from areas we either have never put up before or places that were designed in a tool that is now out of date and therefore cannot be maintained properly. YELLOWSTONE is an example. We now have a lot of new pictures and MOVIES in the YELLOWSTONE II PREVEIW.
We had never placed our Arizona pictures on the website, but there is now a PREVIEW.

Our travels have taken us through Michigan, including marvelous Pictured Rock National Lakeshore, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. In some cases there are a lot of pictures. Others have only a few. In all cases there are more pictures to add. These PREVIEWS will later be expanded into one or more full fledged web pages.

Since we are adding pictures to the previews on a near daily basis, we will help our visitors find the lastest changes by using GREEN menu entries for pages recently changed. We will attempt to keep this rolling and remove the green when a page has not been updated for awhile.

We will continue to mark major upgrades on the front page, including when a a PREVIEW page is upgraded to a production page or whole section.

Another major change has been to make the web site compatible with tablets, since more and more RV travelers are moving away from computers to tablet and smart phone. Photography rich sites like TravelingMorgans.Com may never work with a standard sized cell phone, but they can work well with tablets 7-inch or larger. If you have a suggestion or just want to say the site does not work well on your device, drop a line to

On this topic of making the web site viewable by more, we have also worked to have TravelingMorgans.Com work well with current versions of FireFox, Chrome (and its open source sibling Chromium) and Internet Explorer. We do not have access to a Macintosh and so have not tested Safari. We know there is Safari for Windows but we do not know why it would be chosen. If you have a good reason for Safari on Windows, let us know so we can begin testing.

We have been testing Opera, but find many things appear to work differently and it may be hard to make TravelingMorgans.Com work well with Opera. Are you using Opera? Let us know. It will affect prioitization. It is hard to spend time getting Opera to work if nobody is using it to view TravelingMorgans.Com.

We would also like to hear about the browser you use and why. Again, it will help us prioritize.

We are starting to sell ads on TravelingMorgans.Com, but only to businesses we can recommend because the have done well by us in the past. We will limit ads to one per page and our rates are reasonable.

If you are passing near Mobile AL between Oct 1 and March 15, please let us know. Perhaps we can get together.

We would like to send personal emails to everyone, but this general email will have to suffice. However, we always answer each email we receive.
We would like to hear what YOU are up to and what YOU are doing. We WILL respond!

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